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Tune your neurons network for better working of brain

Tune your neurons of mind to beat the final exam stress. we along with a group of gynan kunj educational society members have visited the school. The school name

chanalise your neurons
stress assessment of children at school

is Telangana  State Minority Residential School. Bhagyamathi,Hayathnagar,RangaReddy. To know the stress levels of children by a psychometric questionnaire on 18th march 2016. we have reached the school early morning 8 o clock. By then the students of class 10th  were in the digital classroom.

First we have introduced ourselves to the students, then we had a ice breaking session. To build up the firm rapport with children. later they were explained about the

best usage of neurons
Talk therapy with children

questionnaire. which will be used to assesses their performance levels in the coming final exam. there were 32 students present in the hall. the children were given the questionnaire to assess exam stress. for assessment of  factors present in us. it has been divided into 3 sub categories. the table given below indicates the results obtained by the children.



category More problems. Medium problems. less   problems
No.of  students 0 12 20



category More  stress. Medium stress. less   stress.
No.of  student’s 0 13 19


category Bad home atmosphere. Good home atmosphere. Favorable  exam atmosphere.
No.of  student’s 0 10 22

In  each  category, we have 5 questions so the child has to tick either of the answer given which ever comes first to his thought. We can asses the  strength, weakness and capabilities of  students based on their answers given.

Neurons can be conditioned

learning is a formation of conditioned reflexes. so the controlled learning is the conditioned learning. conditioned learning is also accompanied by a generalization of experiences. by this we need to learn that, if we can tune our neurons towards the betterment of neural networks in our brain. it can keep pressures under control and use them in proper direction. for the attainment of the future goals. the above process is used For the assessment of children & their stress level to handle the pressure of final exam.


Tension of exam – free your mind by special body movements

Mind issues:-

A Tension free life has a sound mind in a healthy body. the more distressing thing is watching our own children suffering silently. The suffering are due to mind.Mind is the most mysterious component present in our body. It causes both happiness and pain. the mind is the agent of  receiving information and giving it back. the mind is the main culprit  for the problems. how to tame the mind, to be away from the sufferings. Frequently  we fall ill due to our mind. Due to ill health, children fall sick all the time. even they will not go to school regularly. In school they will come in contact with large number of children.

Due to tension physical problems:-

Infections are not the only causes of diseases in children. stress  is  a major factor too. In a study, 20 % of the students of a school were found to have high blood pressure. the visible effect of stress is mainly during exams. with a proper daily routine we can overcome stress.

so when we are under the stress of exams. first our breath goes up and down. due to more thoughts in our mind regarding the exams. we get our head heated up due to overthinking .  already the children will be under the pressure so some of the parents try to exhaust them. the parents start comparing them with their colleagues and parents.

they do not move from the place where they sit and become stationary. that it may waste the time. due to the tension in their mind. late night reading should be avoided. early morning they should get up for revision before that if they practice few free movements for body and mind.

yoga postures:-

the final exams should not be felt as problematic. it should make them stress  free & relaxed. in order to be free from stress. we should practice few body movements. they are shoulder stand and head stand.


for tension free life
decreases tension & increases memory


tension free life
free happy life with increased memory









due to exam stress. there will be neck,shoulder pain and also fingers pain.

exam stress last days – BASIC STEPS TO OVERCOME

The Final Exam:

Stress is good for our life during exam, it is the driving force for us to prepare in a better way to score more grades.

Some of the students before exams  if they are in stress. they are focused and read the questions only which they may get in exams.

Its the common practice of many students.

please help me exam stress
oh ! exam stress

Stress is bad for our life during exam but it is the force which stops us from preparing  in a better way to score more.

But we start worrying that we may forget what we read so we may fail in exams.

we may meet with an accident or  we may get fever or headache.

Some of the students due to  fear, they feel that they forget what they have read.

Exam stress is inevitable

FAILURE MEANS DELAY NOT DEFEAT i.e., delay in remembering what we have read.

As the time of examination approaches nearer our anxious level increase.

we grow more anxious and our breathe fasten.

in order to control the anxiety. you need to breathe slowly and deeply.

Try to smile before the exam. when you feel tensed while  reading the exam paper.

if you feel you don’t know any of the question. we can not pass the exam.

Common reactions to exam stress

PHYSICAL disturbances due to exam stress :

  • Sleep disturbances.
  •  changes in appetite.
  •  Cold and other respiratory infections.
  •  headaches and migraine.
  •  Fast and shallow breathing.
  •  Muscle tension.
  • Frequent urge to pass urine.


  • Anxiety.
  • withdrawn or restlessness.
  • Low self Esteem.
  • Sadness.
  • Irritability.
  • Frustration and Aggression.
  •  Lack of concentration.
  • Unable to relax.

Due to this sleep disorders it leads to loss appetite – cold, headache or both –irritabilty –frustation –problem in relaxing-concentration problem- relationship issues

Parents should be flexible during exam times, Don’t set any goals ,don’t bribe the child . Being tensed it would make child nervous . Let play,watch T.V, Sleep but not as usual Same them its exam time but do not repeat it over a period of time regularly.

Strong relationship exists between the food and the mental state of person

stress of exam relax by music