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Shankaprakshalan – Master Cleansing Human Body Alimentary canal


The process  of cleansing  (sankha) from mouth to anus is sankhaprakhsalan. The whole process of master cleansing  do not involve any chemical/herbs. It only involves  Luke warm water and table salt.


initial you should you able to do  some repetitive movements for almost half an hour by drinking Luke warm water for every one round of physical movements.

On the first day morning start sarpasana series . The first posture is sarasana , second one is urdhvahasthasana , third one is kati chakra sana , fourth one is udaraakarshasa . These are all 4 movements to be done continuously.


sleep on your stomach on the floor.  place your hands near your shoulders. Breathe in lift your body  with the total weight  resting upon your leg toes and on the palms of hands.  breathe out turn your head towards right side and towards left side up to 12 counts by  lifting  your back (butt) up , bring your legs near hands, get up and stand straight.

Urthava hasthasana:

side bending pose

it is the second asana of the series first interlock the fingers of  both hands , lift hands above your head that the biceps of the hands touch the ears. Breathe in ,  breathe out then bend your body to left side and right side with your legs joined. repeat it  for 12 counts.


twisting pose at waist

see that there is gap between both legs equal to your shoulder length. keep your hands straightforward up to your shoulders. Now breathe in one breathe out  then twist your body towards right and  to left with hands at shoulder level. Take care that only upper body moves towards left and right. Continue up to 12 counts the same procedure.


Sit in position by maintain  the distance

twisting pose being sitting

between the legs. See that your back/ butt do not touch the ground, both palms of the hands resting on the knees.  Now place your right legs knee onto the ground , along with your toes and ankle on ground.

Repeat the four exercises by drinking Luke warm water mixed with salt continuously.

Take soft food for 3 days after shankaprakshalan process  hard and milk products should not be used.


free from all stomach disorders like constipation and others.

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Asthma under control – Yoga as an alternative therapy

Asthma overview:-

Asthma is a chronic disease. its a chronic inflammatory disease of the air passages tubes into lungs. the passage of air is external through nose. then air goes in to the neck or throat. later it passes through wind pipe. wind pipe divides into 2 passages, which merges with the 2 lungs on left & right side. they are known as bronchial tubes. the bronchial tubes end up as small balloon sac like structure for exchange of gases. the air is blocked or slowed down by mucous in air passages. spasms occurs due to which we cannot breathe easy.

asthmatic lungs
problem in lungs
lungs in perfect condition
normal lungs


Patterns in asthma symptoms are important and can help your doctor make a diagnosis. Pay attention to when symptoms occur:

  • Shortness of breath.
  • Tightness in the chest.
  • Coughing.
  • Wheezing.
  • Can be mild, moderate or severe.
  • Can vary from person to person.
  • Can flare up from time to time and then not appear for long times.
  • Can vary from one episode to the next.
  • Fatigue (your child may slow down or stop playing).
  • Problems feeding or grunting during feeding (infants).
  • Avoiding sports or social activities.
  • Problems sleeping due to coughing or difficulty breathing.
  •  At night or early morning.
  •  During or after exercise.
  • During certain seasons.
  • After laughing or crying.

yoga as therapy

By regular  practice of  exercises i.e., yogasanas  & pranayama. The narrow passage of the bronchial tubes of lungs gets very much broader. The performance of bronchial tubes increases to a greater extent. so one can control the attack  to a greater extent &  subsequently it can be cured.



Suryanamaskar – are  used for the proper expansion of lungs. By regular practice of suryanamaskar  lungs & bronchial tubes become wider. so oxygen is breathed in suryanamaskar for asthmabigger propositions.

Matsyasana  -if  lungs gets ample supply of blood. There by bronchial tubes,breathing

matysana for wider lungs
fish pose

system & air vessels  gain more  capacity of air and  become more active. By this exercise lungs gets stretched both vertically as well as transversely . Hence  oxygen is breathed in full proposition and  working capacities of  both the diaphragm and the lungs increase.

Dhanurasana – diseases connected to lungs which may be small  or  big problem but they are due to

expansion of lungs
Bow pose

allergy and congestion of the lungs. so the dhanurasana is  good help in preventing asthma.






Tune your neurons network for better working of brain

Tune your neurons of mind to beat the final exam stress. we along with a group of gynan kunj educational society members have visited the school. The school name

chanalise your neurons
stress assessment of children at school

is Telangana  State Minority Residential School. Bhagyamathi,Hayathnagar,RangaReddy. To know the stress levels of children by a psychometric questionnaire on 18th march 2016. we have reached the school early morning 8 o clock. By then the students of class 10th  were in the digital classroom.

First we have introduced ourselves to the students, then we had a ice breaking session. To build up the firm rapport with children. later they were explained about the

best usage of neurons
Talk therapy with children

questionnaire. which will be used to assesses their performance levels in the coming final exam. there were 32 students present in the hall. the children were given the questionnaire to assess exam stress. for assessment of  factors present in us. it has been divided into 3 sub categories. the table given below indicates the results obtained by the children.



category More problems. Medium problems. less   problems
No.of  students 0 12 20



category More  stress. Medium stress. less   stress.
No.of  student’s 0 13 19


category Bad home atmosphere. Good home atmosphere. Favorable  exam atmosphere.
No.of  student’s 0 10 22

In  each  category, we have 5 questions so the child has to tick either of the answer given which ever comes first to his thought. We can asses the  strength, weakness and capabilities of  students based on their answers given.

Neurons can be conditioned

learning is a formation of conditioned reflexes. so the controlled learning is the conditioned learning. conditioned learning is also accompanied by a generalization of experiences. by this we need to learn that, if we can tune our neurons towards the betterment of neural networks in our brain. it can keep pressures under control and use them in proper direction. for the attainment of the future goals. the above process is used For the assessment of children & their stress level to handle the pressure of final exam.


Tension of exam – free your mind by special body movements

Mind issues:-

A Tension free life has a sound mind in a healthy body. the more distressing thing is watching our own children suffering silently. The suffering are due to mind.Mind is the most mysterious component present in our body. It causes both happiness and pain. the mind is the agent of  receiving information and giving it back. the mind is the main culprit  for the problems. how to tame the mind, to be away from the sufferings. Frequently  we fall ill due to our mind. Due to ill health, children fall sick all the time. even they will not go to school regularly. In school they will come in contact with large number of children.

Due to tension physical problems:-

Infections are not the only causes of diseases in children. stress  is  a major factor too. In a study, 20 % of the students of a school were found to have high blood pressure. the visible effect of stress is mainly during exams. with a proper daily routine we can overcome stress.

so when we are under the stress of exams. first our breath goes up and down. due to more thoughts in our mind regarding the exams. we get our head heated up due to overthinking .  already the children will be under the pressure so some of the parents try to exhaust them. the parents start comparing them with their colleagues and parents.

they do not move from the place where they sit and become stationary. that it may waste the time. due to the tension in their mind. late night reading should be avoided. early morning they should get up for revision before that if they practice few free movements for body and mind.

yoga postures:-

the final exams should not be felt as problematic. it should make them stress  free & relaxed. in order to be free from stress. we should practice few body movements. they are shoulder stand and head stand.


for tension free life
decreases tension & increases memory


tension free life
free happy life with increased memory









due to exam stress. there will be neck,shoulder pain and also fingers pain.

exam stress last days – BASIC STEPS TO OVERCOME

The Final Exam:

Stress is good for our life during exam, it is the driving force for us to prepare in a better way to score more grades.

Some of the students before exams  if they are in stress. they are focused and read the questions only which they may get in exams.

Its the common practice of many students.

please help me exam stress
oh ! exam stress

Stress is bad for our life during exam but it is the force which stops us from preparing  in a better way to score more.

But we start worrying that we may forget what we read so we may fail in exams.

we may meet with an accident or  we may get fever or headache.

Some of the students due to  fear, they feel that they forget what they have read.

Exam stress is inevitable

FAILURE MEANS DELAY NOT DEFEAT i.e., delay in remembering what we have read.

As the time of examination approaches nearer our anxious level increase.

we grow more anxious and our breathe fasten.

in order to control the anxiety. you need to breathe slowly and deeply.

Try to smile before the exam. when you feel tensed while  reading the exam paper.

if you feel you don’t know any of the question. we can not pass the exam.

Common reactions to exam stress

PHYSICAL disturbances due to exam stress :

  • Sleep disturbances.
  •  changes in appetite.
  •  Cold and other respiratory infections.
  •  headaches and migraine.
  •  Fast and shallow breathing.
  •  Muscle tension.
  • Frequent urge to pass urine.


  • Anxiety.
  • withdrawn or restlessness.
  • Low self Esteem.
  • Sadness.
  • Irritability.
  • Frustration and Aggression.
  •  Lack of concentration.
  • Unable to relax.

Due to this sleep disorders it leads to loss appetite – cold, headache or both –irritabilty –frustation –problem in relaxing-concentration problem- relationship issues

Parents should be flexible during exam times, Don’t set any goals ,don’t bribe the child . Being tensed it would make child nervous . Let play,watch T.V, Sleep but not as usual Same them its exam time but do not repeat it over a period of time regularly.

Strong relationship exists between the food and the mental state of person

stress of exam relax by music

School board exams acadhemics last day – new life ahead

Children and their parents are on the  verge of  life. due to The final countdown of exams. as it  starts in the month of march.


Normally at the end of the academic year, there  is a rise in the anxiety & stress levels of  parents. It is directly transferred to children. Due to this there is increase of grades exam stressin child’s academics. there is  directive stress upon parents,teachers  and school  managements & indirect stress upon students. Now a days the  education system has become so  competitive.  they are directed  towards  a  specific goal  i.e., grades . but the holistic  development  of the  child is neglected. Both  parents and children have  witnessed   many exams. but they feel that  board exams are more important and different .  This hype  was created by  both parents & teachers. The  children are continuously  programmed day  by day that they are preparing for board exams. They are  made to fear exams. They are taken special care.  The only  difference  is that they are held  in other school. So their is no  need for student  to panic  and  they  should  stick to   normal  routine. They used to follow  everyday.


  • Pressure for getting good grades.
  • High expectations of parents.
  • competitiveness.
  • Comparison with others.
  • fear of rejection.
  • Fear of being ridiculed by parents,teachers, relatives,friends.


The children should have a proper schedule for effective reading of different subjects.

Students should divide their time for each subject.exams

Students should prepare for the last exam first and the first exam on the last day.

For studying,early morning hours are the best time for revision as retention is better and the Body and mind are fresh.

Note taking is the most effective method because we can retain the subject and used to grasp whole syllabus in less time.

Solving previous year question papers, which can depict there ability to face the exam with out fear and it can also be used as systematic desensitization technique.

Normally used to overcome fear and stress of exam in psychological aspects.

It is used to increase their speed and accuracy.

Parents play an important role in their child’s success.

They should be supportive and encouraging.

It helps students develop self confidence and self discipline.

By which they have a sense of achievement, in long run.

Then the students can reach all the goals in academics and life.

exams fear

examination final countdown run children run

There is an unfortunate trend prevailing now a days in our education system. Each teachers or parents wants children to be Super Kids. who can perform multi-tasking like scoring highest marks,performing well in sports,singing ,dancing and many due to this reasons examination phobia arises. Among some of the teachers and parents point examinations as great trials. This abnormal approach generates great tension in the minds of children. leading to nervousness, anxiety, lack of appetite, empty stomach, and poor performance in the examination. Even parents also take a lot of tension during their kids exams.they are prone to nervousness,anxiety .examination i need to carry books

The reason for the above is the corporate culture ,High expectation from our near and dear people. To overcome the above situation,the children should prepare systematically with total dedication and face examination with confidence. they should not worry about the results while they are writing the answers.

Exams phobia is due to the pressure on them. Now a days parents are pressuring the kids to get very high marks and insisting upon them to stand first in class. More over some kids are also afraid of exams because they are not well prepared for the test and they lack confidence. So parents to remove fear from them should first find out the basic problem and then try to tackle it accordingly by boosting up their confidence levels.please help me examination

Exam phobia is a normal feeling that a child has while appearing for the exam. It is the fear of such case you as a parent/teacher should counsel kids by saying that the failure mean delay not we should remember what ever we read and write it in the appropriate given time and if they score lesser marks.they will be having another set of exams in which they can score higher marks.

By saying this kind of words support kids in preparing for the examination. by helping her in studying and make her feel comfortable .if she is not in a position to learn anything while preparing for the exams. Sometimes difficult lessons or subject keeps them awake the whole night and the result is a failure .so  anxiety level increase which may lead to depression.  always be with them. Encourage them by saying life is a challenge, be a learner.

To get rid of Exam phobia .expose them directly to to the cause i.e, assure them with love that the sky is not going to fall if they fail.Assure her even if she submits a blanki need to carry them in my head paper that you are not going to be annoyed or punish them.Parents should not intimidate the children in any form. Once they tastes the sweetness in success no one can stop them. You as the parent/teacher should be prepared for the worst until they gains their normal self. try it.

Good luck.

examination fear

love shrinks valentines day blame human relationship


love is the most effective coping mechanism. to balance  the pain of one’s loneliness. the people make false statements because they mistake common causes of  pseudo-love with rare genuine love. unlike friendship, one is dependent on the relation for a sense of well being and balance. any disturbance  to the integrity of the relation may be experienced with great anxiety and distresswith out your love no life.

the people have become so mechanically, that they turn the situation favorable to them. like getting into relationship or breakup on valentines day. valentine day is the  most costliest day around the world. people express their affection by giving different gifts to their loved ones. the word love was divine, infinite, eternal. but now it has changed peoples thinking a lot.but now love towards people has transformed  into a feeling of being loved.

Types of love

only consummate love is to satisfy their sexual needs.addiction  towards this type of relation is alive  in the beginning. but later the sense that people we care about are not really listening. we never out grow the need to have our feelings known. talking without listening is like lighting up a lamp without power.

Present scenario

modern culture has developed new ideas of love .addiction  to keep the relation  alive in  the beginning.  unfortunately when we fail to get through to each other,  we  have  a  tendency to fall back on blaming. its his fault to not understand and accept the feelings  of a  person.  the safer she feels to go deeper into the issues. the mechanical and repetitive   feelings of  some complaints   come partly from the fact they rarely get  a sympathetic  hearing.  loving is a the greatest  gift you can   give to help soothe a persons feeling.

i have seen one of the person who communicates their message in such a manner. that the anger and upset of the opposite  listener become so anxious . that he or she does not remember the content he spoke.



love is every where at valentines day

counselling word is used every where

problem finding

Counselling is needed for people.  Does people need it? Yes because the word is used by every one in every aspect. it has become a regular term which is used.

The word counselling is a therapeutic process where a person is made talk his mind views by which we may find the root cause of problem. which may derive great benefit for the person by a psychologist. In order that he can find a solution for it.  Its a safe process  which is not threatening. By which  a transition happens which may lead to positive manner and self awareness.

Why is it so important?

when you have a  sound mental and physical health . you can cope with the demands of a busy professional life, and balance it with your personal life. The are many pressures like official,personal, emotional, financial problems. which can lead to low performance and frustration. it may manifest the person in destructive ways or negative thinking. It’s important that before such a condition becomes worse. it is to be dealt with the help of a counsellor.

What is Mental health?

An expression of emotions for a successful adaptation of various situations . the  individuals ability to enjoy life,maintain a balance between various activities of life. in which he can achieve success or failure .
it is a continuous process where he has to struggle for life survival in all the aspects. so mental health of a person varies from time to time. if a person is  mentally sound for now , after some time his mental status may be disturbed for a while. due to some of his life activities. which causes irritation,anger,anxiety,emotional instability and many other problem.

Will i be benefited from counseling?
counselling will benefit you because it is  listening to one of your elderly or loved person or friend who does not get emotional & judgmental but who is a professional . a person who can show you a right path which you have already chosen.he repeats the words uttered by you, shows you concern,gives you a clarity on your issues and leads you in an effective manner.

Earth is choking to death

let me live
let me live

Global warming mean we are heating our earth. even in winter season the temperature are too high, early mornings and evenings too low. This is due to increase of green house gases on globe all over earth.

As per the scientific theories or data, the environmental disturbances are human induced and off course they are right. The scientists have brought industrialization and many advance technologies. When we come for transport before we used to have less pollution and less vehicles. But now due to advancement we have got many varieties of vehicles which cause more damage . All of them use fossil fuel. As we look only for our comforts and luxury not any thing else. so first the behavioral attitude should be changed then only we can cope up with the “Climate Change or Global Warming”.

All scientists,environmentalist,Eco-conservators and individuals who love nature. Are stating that we regular individuals are halting the earth to breath. IS IT So? Are we truly doing that ! on the off chance that we do that then why are we not biting the dust. why are we doing it to our mother earth and how are we ceasing its breath.

Presently a-days individuals are quite worried about our mom earth or globe or environment. Indeed, even the administration authorities, Non government organizations,Eco-club individuals and numerous different gatherings have come up to serve the globe or nature or environment. By numerous projects, rallies,activities and every one of them do in an alternate way like some run cycle arouses with the pennants and post cards around the lakes or town or some essential open spots and different runs with youngsters or youth at universities or workplaces or organizations .so we ought to be glad that we are attempting help our worldwide surroundings which we have ruined and made it most exceedingly bad.

We had the efficiency and the renewable sources before also but we are thinking of it now because we are facing the problem or may face the problem. So we have to wait until the situation worsens and then start thinking of it or take the measures to solve it.

If we have alternative methods other then fossil fuels (which is increasing co2 levels in atmosphere), why are we not using them.

The regular words which we listen at the above spots where the projects are held for are environmental change ,there is a boost in temperature  ,ozone depletion,ice melting,sea level or sea rising,acid rains. A wide range of contamination. So we have made our earth as a dust container which can not be reused . Presently we  strive to make our earth green where we can live joyfully.

For that we need to take after these:

we should quit driving or go in vehicles keep running by fossil energizes.

we should quit utilizing every single electrical machine which expend more power.

we ought to lessen cutting trees or annihilating woods.

we should quit working in commercial enterprises which are making damage environment.

we should quit burrowing earth for coal and different purposes.

On the off chance that we can stop the over every one of our errors .we get our mom earth or else it will burn,drown and make you cry .