smart phone distrubs sleep-be careful

health hazards
health hazards

We have bad news from research institutes and doctors that we need to keep our smart phone far. when we are at sleep. Because smart phones may cause cancer , add sleep disorders to the list of its harmful effects. According to the researcher using of smartphone, before sleep causes people to take longer time to reach deeper levels of sleep. So there by it is interfering with the body’s ability to repair the damage, during the day time. A team of researchers in US and Europe has carried out a study. they have found that radiation from mobiles delays and reduces sleep. it also causes headache , confusion.

The radiation will activate the brain’s system making people more alert and more focused. it  decreases their ability to fall asleep. this was  said by a lead researcher Prof Bengt Arntez . His study indicate that during laboratory exposure to 884 mhz wireless signals . the  sleep components which are believed to be important for recovery from daily wear and tear. they  are adversely effected.

Experimental evidence

Emory sleep disorders laboratory, medical director Dr.David Schulman reported that using  smartphone right before sleep. will make you  fall asleep so late. Even the light on your phone screen naturally stimulates your mind and has an alerting effect. The artificial light exposure during dusk suppresses the release of the sleep promoting hormone melatonin. It causes a severe ,regrettably damage to our life. Scientists compared the digital media used by teenagers with smart phone & those using  a conventional mobile. In research it was found that teenagers with smart phone spent almost double the time on the Internet then the teenagers with conventional phone.

History of sleep & effects

cell phoneThe deep stages of sleep— sleep will allow the brain and body to repair and rejuvenate from the day’s wear and tear. According to the study done by  monitoring sleep under laboratory conditions. it showed the initial ‘light’ phases of sleep in the subjects were affected.  “exposure of 884 MHz wireless signals, components of sleep are believed to be disturbed. they are important for recovery of  stress,during the day time . Electroencephalographic recordings documented prolonged latency reaching stage 3 sleep(Deep sleep Transition) and a decreased amount of stage 4 sleep(cerebral sleep) in subject exposed to the wireless communication signals.The research also found that those exposed to mobile phones during their sleep appear to have more headaches, than those who are not exposed. Those who were actually exposed to the radiation took longer time to get into deep sleep. They also spent less time in the deepest part of sleep.The participants took an average of about six minutes longer to reach the deep stage of sleep than when they had received the “sham” exposure. They also spent an average eight minutes less time in the deepest “stage 4″ sleep. the radiation can trigger depression, mood swings, ADHD-like symptoms, personality changes. it also impairs concentration and even disturbs  personal , social life.  do not play games or chat  while talking to people. We lose relations. we will be so busy that  there is a chance of less communication.


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