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exam stress last days – BASIC STEPS TO OVERCOME

The Final Exam:

Stress is good for our life during exam, it is the driving force for us to prepare in a better way to score more grades.

Some of the students before exams  if they are in stress. they are focused and read the questions only which they may get in exams.

Its the common practice of many students.

please help me exam stress
oh ! exam stress

Stress is bad for our life during exam but it is the force which stops us from preparing  in a better way to score more.

But we start worrying that we may forget what we read so we may fail in exams.

we may meet with an accident or  we may get fever or headache.

Some of the students due to  fear, they feel that they forget what they have read.

Exam stress is inevitable

FAILURE MEANS DELAY NOT DEFEAT i.e., delay in remembering what we have read.

As the time of examination approaches nearer our anxious level increase.

we grow more anxious and our breathe fasten.

in order to control the anxiety. you need to breathe slowly and deeply.

Try to smile before the exam. when you feel tensed while  reading the exam paper.

if you feel you don’t know any of the question. we can not pass the exam.

Common reactions to exam stress

PHYSICAL disturbances due to exam stress :

  • Sleep disturbances.
  •  changes in appetite.
  •  Cold and other respiratory infections.
  •  headaches and migraine.
  •  Fast and shallow breathing.
  •  Muscle tension.
  • Frequent urge to pass urine.


  • Anxiety.
  • withdrawn or restlessness.
  • Low self Esteem.
  • Sadness.
  • Irritability.
  • Frustration and Aggression.
  •  Lack of concentration.
  • Unable to relax.

Due to this sleep disorders it leads to loss appetite – cold, headache or both –irritabilty –frustation –problem in relaxing-concentration problem- relationship issues

Parents should be flexible during exam times, Don’t set any goals ,don’t bribe the child . Being tensed it would make child nervous . Let play,watch T.V, Sleep but not as usual Same them its exam time but do not repeat it over a period of time regularly.

Strong relationship exists between the food and the mental state of person

stress of exam relax by music

Ragging socially destressed problematic peoples enjoyment

Students come to colleges with a lots of hope and parents to send them for the same reason. That, they will pass out bright and will fetch them a secured future. But the road to that progress may not be as simple as it seems. There may be the existence of unthinking seniors who are lurking out at them to dominate them with their cruel or humiliating behavior termed as ragging. which may be imposed on them long back by their seniors.

Ragging is deep rooted worst culture, which has been used in a wrong manner.Ragging is a bio-psycho-social phenomenon, which makes talented students to die. the process of ragging  starts by abuse.which are of three kinds. Physical,verbal,sexual abuses. Due to this abuses, they give rise to impulses in brain and causes major damage.These types of abuses gives us a different types of changes in brain. due to this, we may have  both positive & negative effects on our behavior.torture of seniors

Actually ragging was used initially as a Ice breaker,team spirit, Brotherhood and so on. but now a days it is a fun game to kill people. this vicious cyclic process is going on in some education institutions. already the new comers are in stress and fear, instead of making them overcome fear. they elevate the fear by insulting them. which increases their anxiety/tension. it leads to confusion and nervousness. by the all above incidences, he or she goes into depression. this trauma continues mentally. it brings a lot of changes in their life. if he gets promoted to next year, he does the same thing. which has happened to him. in case the person is sensitive, he gets suicidal thoughts and he  is provoked to end his life. http://cruelty

Due to Stockholm syndrome-the behavior of ragging prevails in a person. Its deep rooted tradition, still continued in many educational institutions. Due to this trauma, a person becomes nervous, depressed. so he avoids social relations and stays aloof. far away from the people. which may  lead to the death of person. it may emotional disturb all the family members. Its a cruel act occurring in educational institutes. Please mark an end to it.


ragging impacts
process of ragging

Ragging effects on brain & emotions in the below diagram