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School board exams acadhemics last day – new life ahead

Children and their parents are on the  verge of  life. due to The final countdown of exams. as it  starts in the month of march.


Normally at the end of the academic year, there  is a rise in the anxiety & stress levels of  parents. It is directly transferred to children. Due to this there is increase of grades exam stressin child’s academics. there is  directive stress upon parents,teachers  and school  managements & indirect stress upon students. Now a days the  education system has become so  competitive.  they are directed  towards  a  specific goal  i.e., grades . but the holistic  development  of the  child is neglected. Both  parents and children have  witnessed   many exams. but they feel that  board exams are more important and different .  This hype  was created by  both parents & teachers. The  children are continuously  programmed day  by day that they are preparing for board exams. They are  made to fear exams. They are taken special care.  The only  difference  is that they are held  in other school. So their is no  need for student  to panic  and  they  should  stick to   normal  routine. They used to follow  everyday.


  • Pressure for getting good grades.
  • High expectations of parents.
  • competitiveness.
  • Comparison with others.
  • fear of rejection.
  • Fear of being ridiculed by parents,teachers, relatives,friends.


The children should have a proper schedule for effective reading of different subjects.

Students should divide their time for each subject.exams

Students should prepare for the last exam first and the first exam on the last day.

For studying,early morning hours are the best time for revision as retention is better and the Body and mind are fresh.

Note taking is the most effective method because we can retain the subject and used to grasp whole syllabus in less time.

Solving previous year question papers, which can depict there ability to face the exam with out fear and it can also be used as systematic desensitization technique.

Normally used to overcome fear and stress of exam in psychological aspects.

It is used to increase their speed and accuracy.

Parents play an important role in their child’s success.

They should be supportive and encouraging.

It helps students develop self confidence and self discipline.

By which they have a sense of achievement, in long run.

Then the students can reach all the goals in academics and life.

exams fear


Humans destroying earths natural renewable energy sources

Homosapien- we the Humans are the superior race on the earth. We feel that we are on the top in evolution chain. We have adapted all types of adverse condition, which destroys the harmony of the nature.

Ill Effects

bad effects of our life style
burning earth to ashes

our day to day activities have changed and biological clock(circadian rhythms) has been reversed by so called posh culture. due to this humans  face many adverse effects both on our  physical & mental health. In-spite of all this happening, there is no regret and we are trying to find another planet to trash it like our mother earth.

Already we have made it as a dumping yard with solid waste, electronic waste,hazardous waste. we have broken the rules of mother earth to prove that we are civilized people on this planet.

Evolved species habits

Unlike animals we have speech, cognition, emotions,then other species existing on this planet but they abide by the nature laws and not with greed. We say we are in harmony with nature and we don’t preach but animals hunt or prey on other animals. when they are hungry only and they do not  hunt for fun.

This type of attitude has brought us on the verge of last day of world. We are the destroyers of our own world by our cognition I.e., our intelligence, our thoughts, technology like using automobiles that run on fossil fuel,refrigerators which emits CFC’s(chloro fluro carbons). wastage of food, water and others resources.  which  will take us to an end.

Humans have tamed wild animals , we feel that we are civilized by cutting down forests, we cultivate them into fields. For foods, medicine and other uses. Initially the change was sustainable but now a days we are going against the nature by using substituents like artificial manure for better yield in less time. it has polluted land, our foods, water, air and even the mothers milk which is considered the purest form. fossil fuels for transport by ignoring renewable energy resources.

MInd magic

We are what we think. After procssing in mind/brain , that will be executed by our own actions I.e., may shouting at others (anger-shown in verbal form, beating other in touch) . The whole process is will be running in brain/mind initially , then executed but we see only one side of excution part and we can not see other part which has taken in our mind. Thats why we say “MIND YOUR WORDS” not use the word brain.

Mind is invisible & intangible , can not be seen anywhere . It does not require space like brain box.

Any invention ormdiscovery starts as thought in mind , it is a bundle of thoughts arising or we can say it as a store house of thoughts or emotions which control the way we live our life.