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Festival of Diwali Clean-Creative

Diwali the largest and vibrant festival over in India and other countries. Almost all religions except Christians and Muslims don’t celebrate it. There are many religious myths associated with it. Mainly its considered as victory of light over dark depending on the perception of all people for some its victory of good over bad. It is enlightenment of knowledge(light) over ignorance(bad), freedom over slavery. Lighting of lights in a serial order in front of houses or business place.

The overall business turnover  for Diwali may exceed more then 5000 crores wroth of fire crackers. Its the starting of new business year because people buy gold jewelry, vehicles,sweets and many house hold articles. Many people gift sweets,dry fruits to friends,relatives and business associates. Its the common ritual followed now a days .

our concern is regarding the environmental issues. Due to global warming we have got many seasonal variations i.e., like no rainfall,no cold in winter but sunny as in summer and many more problems. Already our metropolitan cities are surrounded by smog of various chemicals which hinders our breathing and its capacity, many are prone to allergies and lung related problems.

Diwali festival is to promote victory of light over darkness by wearing new clothes,gold jewelry, strengthens relations in family and relatives. Especially people in business by sharing gifts and sweets.  Problem arises at burning of fire crackers. It may be followed as an old custom and its causing a major issue in sound, air pollution. Its an ancient ritual which is followed since many years.

Its a sensitive issue, so it can’t be stopped because in our secular country where there many religions. we shall take precaution i.e we shall buy plants with 10% of money spent on Diwali fire crackers. Much pollution is caused in 2 to 3 days . we have got many plants which are commonly grown but they purify air, if we can promote them. It will be a great help to our mother earth.

The plants are

1) the living room plant “Areca palm ” scientific name: chrysolidocarpus air filter or purifierlutescens

2) the bedroom plant “mother in law’s tongue” scientific name: sansevieria it does not disturb ustrifaciata

3) the specialist plant “money plant ” scientific name: epipremenam aureumit provides money not as cash immediately

the above plants decrease air pollution, co2 levels, other chemicals entering into our house and then into our body by breath. even also harmful fumes like formaldehyde and volatile gases.