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love shrinks valentines day blame human relationship


love is the most effective coping mechanism. to balance  the pain of one’s loneliness. the people make false statements because they mistake common causes of  pseudo-love with rare genuine love. unlike friendship, one is dependent on the relation for a sense of well being and balance. any disturbance  to the integrity of the relation may be experienced with great anxiety and distresswith out your love no life.

the people have become so mechanically, that they turn the situation favorable to them. like getting into relationship or breakup on valentines day. valentine day is the  most costliest day around the world. people express their affection by giving different gifts to their loved ones. the word love was divine, infinite, eternal. but now it has changed peoples thinking a lot.but now love towards people has transformed  into a feeling of being loved.

Types of love

only consummate love is to satisfy their sexual needs.addiction  towards this type of relation is alive  in the beginning. but later the sense that people we care about are not really listening. we never out grow the need to have our feelings known. talking without listening is like lighting up a lamp without power.

Present scenario

modern culture has developed new ideas of love .addiction  to keep the relation  alive in  the beginning.  unfortunately when we fail to get through to each other,  we  have  a  tendency to fall back on blaming. its his fault to not understand and accept the feelings  of a  person.  the safer she feels to go deeper into the issues. the mechanical and repetitive   feelings of  some complaints   come partly from the fact they rarely get  a sympathetic  hearing.  loving is a the greatest  gift you can   give to help soothe a persons feeling.

i have seen one of the person who communicates their message in such a manner. that the anger and upset of the opposite  listener become so anxious . that he or she does not remember the content he spoke.



love is every where at valentines day